Selling Your Equipment

At Leica Store Manchester

We value and consider Leica cameras and lenses for sale or part exchange.

Whether you are looking to move on an old camera, part exchange your equipment for something new or need help in probate cases, we are more than happy to help out.

50 Years of Experience

Our team have vast professional experience in assessing and valuing Leica cameras. We will treat your equipment with care and give you a valuation free of charge. We cater to your requirements and are happy to pay by bank transfer, trade-in or cheque.

Next Steps

1 | Get in touch

Message us at +44(0)1618347755 or email us at with photos of your equipment along with details of the model and make of your gear.

2 | Valuation

We will give you an initial assessment or valuation of your gear and give you a quote.

3 | Delivery

Send or bring in your equipment and receive immediate payment from us using your method of choice.