Leica M-System

Closer to the decisive Moment.

The Leica M is an extraordinary camera. And it is most often found in the hands of extraordinary people. People who see the big picture, who look twice, question triviality and recognise the unusual in everyday things. They think outside the box, look beyond the everyday and expand their own horizons.

M - as in 'Messsuchersystem'

'Messsucher', the German term for a combined rangefinder and viewfinder found in every Leica M, presents a bigger picture - a broader view of your subject - and opens up a whole new world of creative freedom. The rangefinder system enables the capture of authentic, natural images, taken from the heart of life. Photographers become part of the action and frame, whatever they wish to capture in the viewfinder - a scene, a mood, a moment.

Size does matter

The depth of the body of the Leica M11 measures only 38.45mm. This makes the M11 one of the world's most compact full-frame cameras.

The M-Lenses also benefit from the short distance between the mount and the image plane, and are therefore extremely small and light. The extraordinary compactness of M-Cameras and their lenses make them an ideal camera system for travel and reportage photography.

Made in Germany

Long before sustainability became a familiar expression, the Leica M and legendary lenses represented the epitome of enduring value, and were passed down in families from generation to generation.

And it lives on. The timeless design, the manual craftsmanship and the use of only the finest materials guarantee unrivalled performance every day and an exceptionally long working life.

Leica M-Lenses - Unrivalled. Even in low light.

Leica M-lenses meet the highest demands of quality. They enable the creation of images endowed with an unmistakable character - not only in terms of contrast and resolution but also with uncanny sharpness, tonal depth and a unique natural signature that is especially evident under adverse lighting conditions.

M-Lenses reveal their full potentials when mounted on M-Cameras, as the sensors are precisely matched to their optical characteristics. Together, M-Lenses and M-Cameras are the perfect duo when it comes to ensuring maximum picture quality.

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