Leica Ultravid-HD Plus

The Ultravid-HD Plus models turn every moment into an unforgettable experience. and love for details into passion. Brilliant colour fidelity and optimum brightness and sharpness. Ultravids are built for all weather conditions thanks to their AquaDura® coating and they are sealed to be submersible to 16.4 ft, making them ready for any adventure.


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ULTRAVID 32 HD-PLUS 8x32 Sale price£1,860.00 GBP
ULTRAVID 42 HD-PLUS 7x42 Sale price£2,150.00 GBP
ULTRAVID 50 HD-Plus 10x50
ULTRAVID 50 HD-Plus 10x50 Sale price£2,480.00 GBP
ULTRAVID BR 8x20 Sale priceFrom £700.00 GBP
Ultravid Compact Leathered Black 8x20Ultravid Compact Leathered Black 8x20
Ultravid Compact Leathered Black 8x20 Sale priceFrom £760.00 GBP

Leica Ultravid HD-Plus

Crystal Clear Vision

The Ultravid HD-Plus models meet the highest demands of binocular users. Incorporating high-quality lenses and high-transmission glass (SCHOTT HT™- Glass) in the prisms, the Ultravid is a sophisticated system that keeps stray-light at a minimum.

Resistant By Nature

The focusing mechanism is unerringly smooth and, with only 1.25 turns, it ensures safe, fast and precise focusing. The main weight of the binoculars lies in the middle of your palm.

Aquadura® Coating

Protects the optical systems from water, dirt and damage. The Ultraivd HD-Plus binoculars are the ideal all-rounders for the perfect viewing experience.

Make memories that last a lifetime

Leica Passport Scheme

Take advantage of the Leica Passport Scheme, where purchases of all Leica Sport Optics products (excluding Leica Calonox) will be eligible for complimentary accidental damage cover for 2 years, alongside the 10-year warranty offered on all products. This is part of our continued dedication to customer care, product longevity and sustainability.

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